Tools to Give Apply NTFS permissions

Hi, I haved used Xcacls.vbs to apply NTFS permission on Cluster but somehow it screwed my Cluster and all the permission are lost.

I am looking for resource kit tool where in i can use that and give NTFS rights to 3000 users on their home directories and common directories.

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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Standard cacls.exe will do it and subinacl.exe to take ownership for the user.  Something like this:

call setrights.cmd with a paramater which is the username.  You could write a loop to go down all directories and call this if your directory structure allows:

@echo off
REM Set Rights Script
REM Steve Knight

Set user=%1

if "%1"=="" goto error

echo Setup user, profile, and data directories with permissions for %user%
title Setup user data profile directories for %USER% %2

if exist \\server\users\%user% goto skip1
  echo Creating users directory
  md \\server\users\%user%

echo This may take some while.  Please Wait...

echo Setting USERS directory permissions
echo Y|cacls \\server\users\%user% /e /t /g  domain\%user%:C > nul

echo Taking ownership of USERS area
subinacl /noverbose /subdirectories \\server\users\%user%\*.* /setowner=domain\%user%
subinacl /noverbose /file \\server\users\%user% /setowner=domain\%user%

goto end


echo SETRIGHTS.  Steve Knight. Jan 2002.
echo Usage setrights username
echo You typed: %0 %1 %2 %3
echo This sets permissions and ownership for domain user
echo Requires SUBINACL from Resource Kit


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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Fine by me.
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