Remapped external hard drive - error when installing Norton Anti-virus


I've noticed that my external hard drive, which used to be mapped to my E: drive, has now been renamed F:

I thought this was a bit funny but didn't think anything of it until I tried to install Norton Anti-virus. I was unable to install the software because of an error on the E: drive. So it seems like there's a hidden E: drive on my machine.

I'm not sure what to do to get rid of whatever is currently in E: and then remap my external hard drive to it.

Please help!


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Marc ZCommented:
Have you made sure this system is actually clean yet?

Do you actually have any av software installed?  From you were trying to get F-Secure reinstalled.  Did that happen properly?

I think you are back to checking this machine for spyware, virus.  Norton's in my opinion, is not one of the better ones.

If running Win XP start with MS Defender

Lavasoft Adaware
Spybot Search & Destroy
Hijack This  After running Hijack this, you can paste a log file there and they can give you a quick analysis of it. Take a look at Security Tango (Don't forget, if you skip a step doing the Tango, you are just moving, not Dancing.)
My personal favorite on AV is but plenty of decent ones out there.

If you can't install Norton's there may be a virus stopping install.

Run Stinger FIRST.

christophetruffertAuthor Commented:
No, I can't say for sure that the system is clean. I don't currently have any av software installed but I do run spybot regularly.

I did manage to reinstall f-secure but it wouldn't let me authenticate my copy. Anyway, I lost patience with it so I got a copy of Norton. What makes you say that it's not one of the better ones?

Also,what's the deal with this "hidden" E: drive?

Marc ZCommented:
90% of the questions I hear regarding problems on their windows machines have some form of Norton's installed on their system.  Don't forget now 62.5% of ALL statistics are made up on the spot. but you get the idea.  It wouldn't be the software program of my choice ever. Just my opinion.

now the Hidden drive.  WinXP, right?

Log on as admin, go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools-> and open Computer Management.  go down to the Disk Management and see what Windows is showing for your extenal hard drive.  Can you select it, right click and choose change drive letter?  Can you change it back to E:\ or is something else in this window using it?
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christophetruffertAuthor Commented:
I do stats for a living so I know what you mean! I'll persevere will f-secure for the moment then.

Also, I am running Windows XP. I'll follow you suggestion when I get home and will get back to you then.

christophetruffertAuthor Commented:

I managed to remap my external hard drive to the E: drive with no problems. However, when I reconnected to the internet, I was still getting lots of upload traffic (20-30kps/sec) which is suspicious. I was also unable to access the web - really long loading times followed by the standard error message page.

I think I'll post a hijackthis log file here to see if you can identify and problems. If you have any other suggestions, then please let me know.

Also, I didn't install Norton because I've heard from other sources too that it's not a very good piece of software. So I'm going to stick to F-Secure (assuming I can get it authenticated).



Marc ZCommented:
First thing to do is either download and install all those programs and UPDATE thenm before running them.  After you get them installed and updated, you will have to run them in each one of your user accounts.  Start in your Admin Account then, go to the rest. If you find things that just won't uninstall, start the computer in safe mode and run them also.  I haven't been able to run Defender in Safe Mode because it loads itself as a Service, but then again I haven't tried too hard, yet.

Good page to print out for some help.

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