Coldfusion trouble with dates!

Hi Experts

Having endless trouble with dates in my coldfusion application. I am trying to use a cfinput type=” datefield” with a mask of “DD/MM/YYYY” to work with European dates.

The field passes the date in the correct format but when its entered into my database it is in the wrong format e.g. MM/DD/YYYY.

I have changed my input from a cfinsert into a cfquery insert into. This still does not solve the problem

<cfquery name="Insert" datasource="ILRData">
Insert into tblQual
(L03, Datesat, Qualification, Result, Mark, Certificate, Tutor, Project)
values (#L03#, #DateFormat(CreateODBCDate(Datesat), "DD/MM/YYYY")#, '#Form.Qualification#', '#Form.Result#', #Form.Mark#, '#Form.Certificate#', '#Form.Tutor#', '#Form.Project#')

After using the DateFormat and CreateODBCDate fields the query is only passing the time into the database.

Please help


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Did you try using the suffix _eurodate for you date field validation?

Then also, if your database Datesat column is datetime - just let it insert how it wants and when you query the db for this date - then format it european or however you want.

But to insert date - just use
<CFQueryparam CFSqlType="CF_Sql_Date" value="#form.Datesat#">

If your db date field is a type of text then use 'single quotes around form.Datesat'

clivecrawdevilAuthor Commented:
Hi dgrafx

I have already got eurodate as validation the problem appears to be on the action page when the data is inserted into the table.

The problem is I am using the date in a grid on a flash form. And it always displays them funny (This is a known problem). Would the best way be to format the date when I call it in the query to populate the grid?

Seems like an awfully tricky way of dealing with dates? What if I want to query the database directly, all the dates are in the wrong format? Is there another way to deal with European dates in coldfusion? I have an access database as the backend.


Read my above post again.
The eurodate suggestion was just a suggestion.
The answer lies in the remainder of the post.
Don't worry about what the date looks like in the database - this doesn't affect you.
Your only concern is being able to insert, update, & display - is that correct?

Hope this helps ...
clivecrawdevilAuthor Commented:
Sorry dgrafx it is causing me problems not being able to format the dates correctly, I have to run queries directly on this database and having the dates incorrectly formatted in the database causes information to be inaccurate.

I have tried to find a solution but have not come across anything that works.

Your help is much appreciated.


I'm sorry about the difficulty and I did not know you are running queries on your db.
You may need to change the date fields format to like short date - I think - experiment.
Or how about (if that doesn't work) create different fields for each date part
Like day is on col - month another etc

Below is just a recap in case you no longer need to run queries on db.

On your form you have
cfinput type="datefield" with a mask of "DD/MM/YYYY"

On your form action page you do an insert
Insert Into table

Then when you are viewing this record you have a query that selects DateSat
Your output looks like this:
#DateFormat(DateSat,"dd/mm/yyyy")# #TimeFormat(DateSat,"h:mm t")# (if you want time which would need to be specified on your original form or will be 12:00 AM)

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