Creating Outlook Exchange email account automatically when user logs in


Here i have a routine task to do whenever a new user is created/or a system is reinstalled....
someone has to go to user pc and Create the Exchange Email account for that user.(as most users do not know how to do it) i want this process to be automated.. so whenever a user is logging in for the first time.. their email account is automatically created. can someone provide with a nice vbscript code for that?
another thing i'd appreciate if someone tells me how could we delete existing Exchange Email account ?

Is there a way to do it remotely without having the user to log in first?
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Muhammad KhanManager, ITAsked:
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to create your email accounts have a look at

HTH :)

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Muhammad KhanManager, ITAuthor Commented:
Can you please tell me...

does this script does the same thing as going to Control panel->Mail->Add Email Account->Microsoft Exchange Server?

or it has something to do with Microsoft Exchange administration? please be clear that i am neither exhange server administrator or Active Directory administrator ... so i don't have rights to create users ..
It would be a very bug security hole if we could run scripts that did something that we are not actually authorised to do via the control panel etc !

If you do not have the rights then if you right-click an application / script you get an option called "Run As..." and this allows you to enter a user name and their password and the application will run using those permissions.

Yes I know that means you have to know an admin password, but how else would security work ?

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Muhammad KhanManager, ITAuthor Commented:
I think you misunderstood me...
What i have seen is... whenever a new user logs into the system. he is not able to access his mailbox via outlook... so we have to go to control panel to create an email account ...
I understand that, and that is why you are wanting a script that when the user logs on it automatically checks if they have an email account setup and if not actually do the setup, therefore eliminating the need for you (or an administrator) to go through control panel to create the email account.

This seems to be what you want to do

Another method for you could be to use CRUM55. I do not have any personal experience of this however doing some reading it is some form of script that creates users and mailboxes automatically. See the following link

did this help ?
Muhammad KhanManager, ITAuthor Commented:
thanx for these links cubixsoftware but this didn't help.. because i am not an EXCHANGE server administrator. i dont have user passwords with me..

See what we do

we ask user to log on.. then we double click Outlook.. Outlook asks for the configuration... we select Add Email account and from next screen we select Microsoft Exchange Server... we enter the mailboxname (mostly same as the username) and the exchange server address and if user has the rights... mailbox open directly.. otherwise user is asked for the password everytime they open the mailbox..

I want to autmate the above configuration steps..
sorry maybe I didn't explain myself clearly.

These scripts are not for you to run but they should be built into the user's logon script so when they logon they will run the script under their user profile / permissions which should be okay as you do everything manually once the user has logged on.
Muhammad KhanManager, ITAuthor Commented:
I think there is a big confusion between what you say and what i understand :-( and this is all because i am a dump.. :-(

see... ur first link takes me to msdn which says that this scripts require usename and passwords to create user accounts / mailboxes etc..

the other one takes me to some site which doesn't let me read the article until i spend some bucks which i dont have.. :-(

so what to do
hey the fault probably lies at my end so don't beat yourself up about it !

In the dim and distant past I remember something along the lines of OUTLOOK.prf and this may help

This is really my last shot at this so I hope it is of use to you, otherwise I will have to wait for a greater expert to get involved....

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