How to install and configure MRTG on a windows server?

Dear Experts,
i tried to install and configure MRTG in my system but i failed. i followed the instructions from . i think its something hard for me :D.

i think i don't wanna do complex thing with MRTG. i just wanna do the following:
- i have a windows 2003 server with isa server and share the internet with about 40 clients.
- i wanna install mrtg in my server and then monitor the bandwidth (upload and download) for each client.
- i have a ADSL modem and wanna also monitor the current uplload and download or the average.
- my server ip is, and other clients are 192.168.100.x

can i do this with specific steps or easier configrations steps than what illustrated in the site?..

thank you very much ;D

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So you followed these instructions?

Where did you have issues and what kind? What make and model is the device you want to monitor? MRTG uses SNMP to query a network device (router) to gather the information, are you sure this is what you want to do?
Ben ConnerCTO, SAS developerCommented:
Hi Moayyad,

First, make sure you have a version of Perl installed and working on that server.  

Then make sure you have the SNMP service running and you know the name you gave it (normally 'public').  This is found on the Security tab in the properties for the SNMP service.  Make sure you have "Accept SNMP packets from any host" checked, or specify the IP addresses you will be accepting packets from.  Finally, ensure the service is actually running.

You then need to run the cfgmaker perl script in the mrtg folder where you installed it.  I never remember the format, so I always just type  perl cfgmaker and then read the help it puts out.

Example:  You have a server whose IP address is at  Go to the \perl\bin folder.  Run the command:

perl cfgmaker public@ >server.cfg

If you have SNMP set up right, mrtg will create a configuration file and put it into server.cfg.  During the execution of this command, mrtg will tell you if it encounters any problems.

Once this file is created, you run it by issuing the command: perl mrtg server.cfg

This should get you close.


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how do we access the portal? Also how we add the multiple router into mrtg?
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