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User Environment Issue - Temporary Internet Files, Windows cannot copy file, Mandatory User Profiles

roberm asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-11-27
Hi All,

Im experiencing an irritating problem somehow relating to 'Temporary Internet Files' upon user login.

I have a number of workstations running Win2000Pro which authenticate to an Active Directory. User Environments are determined by a Mandatory User Profile, with Folder redirection for Desktop, Start Menu, & My Documents.
By default 'Temporary Internet Files' are not copied over to the roaming profile, and yet the error I receive upon login (which, is acheived be Autologon, so you don't actually login it happens automatically) is as follows:

'User Environment' Window

Windows cannot copy file \\server\......User Profiles\Mandatory\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\....<long filename> to location C:\Documents and Settings\......\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\....<same long filename>.
Contact your network administrator.

DETAIL - The filename or extension is too long.

And well that's it really, I really can't understand why its trying to do that, Temporary Internet Files should not and be trying to syncronise between client and profile server.

This error prevents login of anytype until I ftp into the workstation and delete the Tempory Internet Files. These workstations are used 24*7 for a clinical purpose, if the workstations are rebooted the chances are that this error with occur and prevent there usage until the cache is deleted.

I have enabled: 'Empty Temporary Internet Files folders when browser is closed' option in the Group Policy but this does not seem to be working even though the appropriate registry settings is confirmed as being made to the workstations.

Your assistance and suggestions are greatly appreitiated URGENTLY !!!

Thanks in advance.

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is there a Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files in the profile on the server, if so delete it.
I think the restrictions on which folders make up a roaming profile control which folders are uploaded to a server, not downloaded - as in theory the profile is originallly created on the client.


You're right. Temporary Internet files should not be getting copied.

Some things you can try/look at:
(Unlikely but just asking) Is there a script trying to copy anything to the local computer or is it, as far as you can tell, just the loading of the mandatory profile?
If there is a script try disabling/editing it.

Do you have the "Delete cached copies of roaming profiles" setting "Enabled" in your GPO?
If "Disabled" or "Not configured" try enabling it and see if this resolves the problem.
If you need the user to be able to login using the cached profile in case DC access is unavailable you can write a logoff script to forcibly remove the offending files when the user logs off.

Good luck,


No there is not any 'Local Settings' folder on the Server, and hence the error. For some reason it is assuming that the IE cache is on the profile server, but due to previous problems (back in the NT days) modern roaming profiles no-longer carry IE cache. Also with the profile being 'Mandatory' the profile cannot be changed by users. A point that I should perhaps note is that the workstation are heavily locked-down, in terms of what users can change (not a lot).
Thanks for your comments.



The only script I am using at the moment is a simple VB one that adds or removes printers dependant on computers name. No file copying takes place with this script.

"Do you have the "Delete cached copies of roaming profiles" setting "Enabled" in your GPO?"
This is something I saw with regards to GPO's but that option is simply not available to me, even though I have installed the latest GPO snap-ins, I thought that perhaps that was a setting used with the older style GPO settings, though 'assumption' is always the worst posible thing to do. If anyone has any input with respect to this I'd obviously be very happy to here from them.

I have considered scheduling a script to do just that but one problem unique circumstance is that during generator test, or simply user switching-off the power instead of shutting down correctly and hence log-off scripts are not executed. Scripting is something ideally I would like to avoid, but something I will have to perhaps do if there is not any other solutions. I don't like fixing problems with scripts that should not be problems in the first instance.

Thanks very much for your comments.

If you want to delete the Internet explorer temp go to this policy

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Internet Explorer\Advanced Page\Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder When Browser is Closed.

Hope it helps

The real path is user conf/ administrative templates/ windows components / internet explorer / Internet control panel /advanced page / empty tempo.
Deleting Tmp Internet Files on log off


Not sure this is part of GPO (I can't find it in W2K3/XPSP2 admin templates too), but you can use my example of limiting the IE cache size and create your own admin template to do what you want:

The updated Admin template should look like this (have not tested it yet, but should work):


CATEGORY !!WindowsComponents
  CATEGORY !!InternetExplorer
    CATEGORY !!IE_Cache
      KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet   Settings"
        POLICY !!IE_Cache_size
          #if version >= 4

            EXPLAIN !!IE_ExplainCacheSize
            PART !!IE_CacheSizeInKB NUMERIC
            KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet   Settings\5.0\Cache\Content"
            VALUENAME "CacheLimit"
            DEFAULT 102400
            MAX 1024000
            END PART
            PART !!IE_CacheSizeInKB2 NUMERIC
            KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet   Settings\Cache\Content"
            VALUENAME "CacheLimit"
            DEFAULT 102400
            MAX 1024000
            END PART
        END POLICY

      POLICY !!IE_Keep_Cache
          #if version >= 4
          EXPLAIN !!IE_KeepCache

          KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet   Settings\Cache"      
          VALUENAME "Persistent"
          VALUEON       NUMERIC   0
          VALUEOFF      NUMERIC   1

     END CATEGORY ;; IE Cache
  END CATEGORY ;; Internet Explorer
END CATEGORY ;; WindowsComponents


WindowsComponents="Windows Components"
InternetExplorer="Internet Explorer"
IE_Keep_Cache="Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed"
IE_KeepCache="If enabled, will clear the contents of Temporary Internet Files folder when the browser is closed"

IE_Cache_size="Internet Explorer's cache"
IE_ExplainCacheSize="Maximum cache size in kilobytes for Internet Explorer"
IE_CacheSizeInKB="Cache size in kilobytes"
IE_CacheSizeInKB2="Cache size in kilobytes (enter the same value to make it work)"

SUPPORTED_IE5="at least Internet Explorer v5.01"

Not the solution you were looking for? Getting a personalized solution is easy.

Ask the Experts

Are you in a 2K or 2003 Domain? I have not worked extensively with GPOs in 2K and am therfore not sure when this policy option was implemented but in 2003 the "Delete local..." is found in
Computer>Admin templates>System>User Profiles
and will function on client machines running at least Win2K

As far as the scripts go... if you do end up having to use them as a workaround you could also place the script (or a variant of it to delete the file from all profiles) on the local machine as a startup script.




Win2000Pro Clients in a 2003 Domain, I do have that policy available although its can only used with WindowsXP or Windows 2003 Server family machines. Good suggestion on the startup script although it would probably have to take place in the autoexec.bat because it doesn't get as far as reading the GPO. Im not keen but I suppose needs must. I'll wait just a little longer to see if anyone has an other inspirational ideas. Many thanks, Krompton.

Not sure where your info about this setting requiring XP or 2003 is coming from GPO editor in 2003 shows requirements of at least Windows 2000. And I am sorry I forgot to mention that that particular policy setting for 2003/XP located in Computer>Admin templates>System>User Profiles is slightly different in 2KPro. It is located at Computer>Admin templates>System>LOGON. Sorry about that. I in fact do not use this particular setting because without the local copy the users can not logon with cached credentials if the dc is unavailable.

Good Luck,


Hi All,

I'm gonna give-in and simple del the tempory files upon startup using the autoexec.bat, seems to work perfectly.
Thanks for all your input.
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