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Simple question.

In Exchange you have the ability to add 'External DNS' addresses. Ours has always had our ISP's DNS records set.
After reading several questions on this site, most people are saying you shouldn't use this option and leave it blank.

The system, which Exchange runs on, has it's own static IP and the DNS records point solely to our internal DNS servers both at & 11.

These DNS servers have forwarders set to our ISP's DNS Servers. Everything works OK.

Is it, therefore, best to have no IP addresses in the 'External DNS' settings within Exchange or to additionally add our Internal DNS Servers?

Thank you!!
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Yes it would be best to leave the external dns settings blank and let your internal dns servers take care of everything.  Everything might work alright with a single exvchange server at a single site, but if you add anymore exchange servers to your organization you will most likely run into problems.  Its just a best practice to always leave the external dns values blank.


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Agreeing with the post above. I never set external DNS servers on the SMTP virtual server. I have seen it cause too many problems, particularly when the ISP is changed or when a second server is introduced.

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