bpl units order

I have a strange problem:
  I made a bpl with needed units, and I copiled a program with runtime pakages.
  In win Xp everithing is ok but in win98 i had the folowing error:
    "The <exe name> File is liked to missing export  <bpl name>:@<unit name>@initialization$qqrv"
 The unit is allready compiled in that bpl.
 If I put that unit first i received a similar error but about another unit.
 Is any limitation about bpl files ?

Have you any ideea ?
Thx Marius.
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At a glance it sounds like nothing to do with the OS (XP vs. 98); more likely a difference in the Delphi environment, e.g. which components are installed, what libraries are available etc.
do you have all of the .bpl files in both machines?

seems you are missing a bunch of files, and the error you are getting is just the first file that detects that is missing
Kyle FosterCEOCommented:
Probably not the problem, but a little understanding might help.

The order of the uses clause.  Delphi processes the uses clause from left to right so if you have

uses unit1,unit2;

and both units have a function function doSomething:Boolean;
then the doSomething in the LAST unit will be the one that is compiled into the app.
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TheRealLokiSenior DeveloperCommented:
sounds like it isn't actually compiling the bpl in.
I sometimes get this on my setup.
Check the filesize of your exe, isit smaller thanit should be?
change the checkbox to not compile bpls in, compile it, check the filesize,
then change it back, compile, then recheck the file size.
Marius_corneaAuthor Commented:
Hi all, I don’t know what is happen, but if I make two packages everything is ok/

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