IMF Tune vs Anti Spam

My company gets a rediculous amount of spam.  We must be on a list somewhere.  Anyway, due to some unforseen circumstances I had to eliminate our spam server.  Currently the server is holding up well.  There have been some increase in the store.exe memory usage and messages in the queue, but not as bad as I thought.

I have been looking for a good solution and was told about the IMF Tune from the Windeveloper site.  Has anyone messed with that, and would you find that as a good solution for blacklisting spam?

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Intelligent Message filter is best option from Microsoft to Block Spams. You can put IMF on the gateway, front-end server, SMTP connector or even the Information Store. and can reduce spams drastically.

Amit Aggarwal.
IMF Tune is just an application for adjusting the IMF feature of Exchange 2003. It isn't an application in its own right.
You haven't said which version of Exchange you are using - IMF is only available for Exchange 2003 - an optional download for SP1 and built in to SP2.

If you have the skills, you could also look at using an Open Source antispam filter. That will need to go on to a separate box so that it runs separate from the Exchange server.


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GoofdruAuthor Commented:
Right, the IMF Tune will give me the option to black list a majority of the spam that is clogging up my sever.  I have Exchange 2003 SP1.  I have thought of using an external spam filter, such as the Open Source, along with the IMF Tune.

The CEO is getting Viagra emails and he is not happy, go figure.  He has obviously replied to one of those emails trying to get them to stop sending the messages.  I told him that was a mistake but he seems to not want to accept that as an excuse.
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