Win 2000 Advanced server mirroring


I have 1 2000 Advanced server that running Finance System. I'm worried if the server goes down or hardisk crashed.
How to do a mirror for this server. I want the mirror all same like primary server and the data updated. So if the server down i can up the mirror server immediately while the primary in repair.

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EricIT ManagerCommented:
Veritas makes some good priducts to do so.. like continuous protection server etc...

I assume your running some type of raid.   Raid 10 boosts your reliability even further.

I use backup to disk.. i keep an offline server that is semi current.  I can restore teh database from disk in less than 20 minutes.
zaha75Author Commented:
Actually i'm begineer server environment.
How to set the server running on raid 10?
Did you mean that you backup for all system(all folder in that server)?so when the hardisk crashed you just change the hardisk into primary server?
EricIT ManagerCommented:
no you bring the server online.
maybe thats to much at this point.  If your so small of a company why you have advaced server? :D

raid is a way to protect against failed hard disks.
raid 5 has atleast 3 disks.. anyone fails.. no problem , replace it and it fixes itself.
raid 10 ther are more disks.. and more can fail before your SOL.

The only time i had to resort tobackups is if the data got messed up, or an windows server crash.  Actuall I never had a full server crash.  heh.

if you a small company you need to determine what is acceptable restore time.  Maybe a tape backup is all you need. in addition to RAID.
I do disk to disk to tape backups to save time.  But again its more expensive.

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Raid 10 is two Raid 5 Array's that are mirrored.  And yes, you need special (read Expensive) hardware to run that.

Here are the questions you have to ask yourself to be able to put together a reasonable solution for what you're doing.

A.  How much would it cost me if our server were not available for a couple of days.
B.  How much would it cost me if we lost our Data?
C.  What are the risk factors?  Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes, Tornados, Theft, System Failure?
C.  How much is my Data worth.

Considering the fact that replacing a server would take a couple of days, if it wouldn't impact your bottom line TOO much, then it's not that big of a deal, and just run some sort of backup, Raid Array, or other solution, that when rebuilt, is fine.

However, if you find that it would cost WAY too much in either lost productivity or sales, then you must come up with an inline solution.

One of my customers runs a Goldmine Database, that's synced up to a Colo Server every half hour.  The DB contains all the cusotmers info, all documents, Faxes, Emails everything.  If the main server were to go down, they would literally just connect to the Offsite Server via Terminal Services and they're back up in minutes.  It's important to them, because they've figured that they're paying the average employee $18.00 an hour (including benefits) and with 125 employees, it costs them $2250.00 an hour, well worth the 25G's we spent on the Dell 3 Way Server at the Colo and the $500.00 a month in hosting, why? Because that's what the company would lose in the couple of days that it would take to replace the existin setup.

Another client runs's online backup service.  It's only 50 bucks a month, for 10Gigs of his most important data (came in very handy after the hurricanes down here - since his tapes were under water) and we restored the server in a couple of days.  It didn't affect his business that much, so he was OK with it.

Other clients just run tapes, and others backup to Networked Storage devices, either in the office or at home.  There are several solutions to consider, but it all comes down to, how much is it worth to you?
EricIT ManagerCommented:
Raid 10 is not two raid 5's mirrored.  Raid 5 does not use striping.. raid 10 or 1+0 is striped drives (for speed) mirrored (for redundancy)

But he is right about everything else.. its all about calculating your risk.  almost nothing is full proof... so basicaly how much risk do you want to take.  
You're right, I was thinking about RAID 50
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