Need help writing a unix script

I am a beginning scripter and I need help writing a unix script that will look inside a file match on exact wording then

send an alert .(we use something called CMSG for the alert part via TELALERT)

File location:  /opt/pg/telalert.trail

Text to match inside telalert.trail  :   Dialing failed, modem dialing error
                                                    Status: [11] Deactivate, Port Exited

The previous are 2 separate error messages

Also do I need the variable definitions:   PATH

Thanks, Hope you can help
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> Also do I need the variable definitions:
What You mean, You want to set them(I assumed) or send it's content along with warning?


export PATH="/new/directory:$PATH" # preserves old PATHs as well
# same way You may set rest of them

grep -q "Dialing failed, modem dialing error" /opt/pg/telalert.trail
grep -q "Status: [11] Deactivate, Port Exited" /opt/pg/telalert.trail
if [ $$RET1 -ne 0 -o $? -ne 0 ]; then
 #send our warning, call CMSG or watever. What is it's syntax?
 # here example for mail sending
 echo -e "Search for error strings succeded\nPATH content: $PATH\nREF content: $REF" | mail -s "mail subject" destination@domain.tld

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egrep '(Dialing failed, modem dialing error|Status: \[11\] Deactivate, Port Exited)' /opt/pg/telalert.trail && CMSG
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