Select data from table based on current date

Hello EE.

I'm trying to run a sql statement is DB2 to use as part of a stored procedure but it doesn't work.  

select * from table1 where created_date = date(char(current timestamp)) - 1 days

I'm getting this error:
SQL0401N  The data types of the operands for the operation "="
are not compatible.  SQLSTATE=42818

I need to select data based on the prior day(which I was trying to do above), last 7 days and last full month.  All of the date fields in my tables are of datetime format and I only need to evaluate the date. Any suggestions???


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Try this:

select * from table1 where created_date = date(current timestamp - 1 day)

sorry, if created_date is datetime/timestamp, try this:

select * from table1 where created_date = (current timestamp - 1 day)
mikmik74Author Commented:
That works, but I don't get any records back because it's looking for that exact timestamp.  I don't want it to consider the time (hours, seconds)...I only want it to consider the actual date 3/22/06.
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there you go...

select * from table1 where date(created_date) = date(current timestamp - 1 day)

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Dave FordSoftware Developer / Database AdministratorCommented:
If created_date has a data-type of DATE (as its name suggests), I'd use current date instead of current timestamp.

select * from table1 where created_date = current date - 1 day

mikmik74Author Commented:
The created_date date type is datetime.

I don't know why I didn't think of that???  But, yes that worked.  So I'd use the following:

Prior Day
select * from table1 where date(created_date) = date(current timestamp - 1 day)

Last 7 days
select * from table1 where date(created_date) = date(current timestamp - 7 day)

Last Month
select * from table1 where month(created_date) = Month(current timestamp - 1 month) and Year(created_date) = Year(current timestamp - 1 month)

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