Can't configure UPnP on SBS2003!

My SBS2003 ICW has asked if I want to auto-config my router using UPnP for port control. For some reason it says it cannot do this, and asks me to do it manually. UPnP works fine with everyother application I use, including my Xbox 360.

I'm using a Draytek 2600G router. The ICF in SBS is turned off, although I'd like to know if it's wise to have this turned on (my 2nd question), or whether it's off for a reason?

Thanks in advance.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You aren't the only one that has had this problem:

It's quite possible that the Schema for that particular router was not included in Server 2003's UPnP settings.

Which version of SBS are you using? Premium or Standard?
Is the media including Service pack one or not?


DReade83Author Commented:
Hi David. I'm using the Standard edition w/ SP1.
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