lost password Winrar!

I had some *.rar files what is encrypted with password. i couldn't remember what password it is.I has been using alot of softwares to recovery or hack password in Winrar but not successful.
Anybody help me?
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Assuming that the password protection in winrar is done 'properly', you don't have any choice apart from:
 - remembering what the password was
 - using a brute-force password cracker (which may take hours/days/years)
 - finding another copy of the files that isn't encrypted
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
We can't determine without a doubt that you are actually the owner of these files and that you are authorized to view their contents.

This site is the wrong forum for your request.


vnitloveAuthor Commented:
oh no! you can send the guide to mail?
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thanks so much indeed
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vnitloveAuthor Commented:
sorry Admin,
i'm boring with any software to crack password. They can't work well.
I get the question you didn't believe. I dont know ask where

I expect a Google search for 'crack password winrar' or something like that would be a good start but be prepared to visit some sites with some nasty trojans on  them and be prepared to accept that it may be impossible.

Good Luck!


Unfortunately .rar is one of the most secure forms compressed archives around, if you can't remember the password brute force will be your only option.  You can substantially reduce computation time the more details about the password you can remember.  This includes the size of the character set, length and any possible character combinations within the password.  A dictionary run would certainly be the first test you should run given most passwords use combinations/permuatations of existing words.
I'd suggest a few utilities to try but again we can't verify the ownership of the files.

Good luck
vnitloveAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all. I still keep the document until finding the way decrtypt it. Hic :(
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