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We have a standalone Windows XP professional desktop that several people will be using. We have a small executable file that pops up a banner onscreen when it runs that has a "Click OK to Proceed" button.

How can we set this to run so that the users can't do ANYTHING without first clicking that button? In other words we want to keep the focus of the Window in the forefront so they can't bypass it. Thanks.
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Why not use the built in feature to allow a banner to be displayed before a user can log in?  The banner will pop up before a user can logon and then the user must click "ok" to get to the logon screen.
If the above post doesn't help, please try to describe this computers function in more detail, maybe another solution is avaliable that could help with your problem. Doest the program display some kind of information, that the user must read before continuing? I just don't understand why you need your users to click a button beofre using the system.
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