Using DECS in Lotus Domino server 5.0.12

I have a form where the user will enter his employee id. With this employee id I have to fetch his accessId from  a table called "EmpaccessId" and for that corresponding AccessId I have to fetch his AccessCode which is a Blob data from another table called Empaccesscode and display it in my Form. The external database is SQL SERVER 2000. I have only DECS service available on my server.

Please help me with this..
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I think that there are sample DB's and info as part of the the DECS help and Eval. Have you looked at them ?

Have you checked the IBM Redbooks and other docs ?

I hope this helps !

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Hi priyapurushoth,
You can retrieve using DECS or LotusScript, either way you need to configure on your server (if using DECS) DSN for the database, including a username and password.  Then you have to on SQL server configure that username and password to access the tables and fields.  Since you're using Windows 2000, then then windows 2000 permissions come into play for accessing the server.  But offhand, I think you'll have problems collecting the BLOB values, since R5 doesn't have the streaming method


Also see this for some nice examples:

See this for DECS Installation and set up:


1- configure SQL server access for the users (you can let them authenticate using NT server permissions)
2-configure SERVER access for the users
3 - configure SERVER access for the Domino server
4. Set up DSN (ODBC) on DOMINO to link to your SQL server table.

Depending on your database, when a user enters an ID and clicks a button, then it's assumed that the LOOKUP is running on the user permissions,

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priyapurushothAuthor Commented:
Thanks all I some how made a connection to the SQL server using DECS and I am able to get data. I have one problem I have a field which is BLOB in SQL and it stores jpeg image. Now I get a binary value in my lotus notes form.. Can anyone help me in displaying the image in my Notes Form.

Thanks in Advance!
priyapurushothAuthor Commented:
Hey guys some how  I am able to download the jpeg image to a folder. I have saved the image as "empId.jpeg".Now within my lotus form i have to display that image based on the empId. How can I do this?

Say whenever I open the Notes Doc for a particular empid that image has to be loaded in the form. Please help me with this

If you know the file or folder location and depending on your version of notes, you can simply add computed text to the form and make it pass through html:

server := @If(@Subset(@DbName;1) = ""; "localhost"; @Subset(@DbName;1));
"<img src=\"http://" + server + "/" + @WebDbName + "/" + @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "/$File/" + @URLEncode( "Domino" ; @AttachmentNames) + "\"></img><br>"

With the image source either being a document in the database, or a folder/filename... standard html, should work for both client and webside.

However, I haven't tried this with an external image file.. so try first in your folder, then try in the html folder on the domino server.

so, you would replace the @Webdbname part forward with your path/filename.

See if that helps.
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