Blackberry 4.1 Synching to Exchange multiple calendars

We have a BES 4.1 server and Exchange.  

Is it possible to:

1) On exchange, we have two calendar folders, "Business1" and "Business2" and would like to synch our Blackberrys to both.  Is that possible?

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Yes, as long as you set it to one-way sync....Outlook to HandHeld......if you do it both ways, you will end up blending both calanders together.
vamail2Author Commented:
>>Yes, as long as you set it to one-way sync

What is "it"?  Set "what" to sync?  Where, what menu?  I don't use Desktop redirector
To be more specific, when you go into "Choose" in the PIM Calander settings to set up your two calanders,  under "Operation", be sure you select "import" to pull  from outlook to the handheld and not the other way around.
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vamail2Author Commented:
This sounds like you use desktop manager a lot.  We only use OTA and....

we would need to synch BOTH calendars both ways...
I you sync both calndars both ways, you will end up with two blended with all of the appointments from one added to the other...and vice versa....  Think about it:
1) Calendar A syncs its data with a handheld.....and gets the current appointments on the handheld back.
2) Calendar B syncs it's data with the handheld....and gets back it's current appointments...which now include all the appointments from calendar A
3) Calendar A again syncs with the handheld....and gets back all it's current appointments...which now include all the appointments from calendar B

4) End result:  your Exchange server now has two folders with exactly the same data of calendar AB.

The catch, which you are missing, is that there is only one calendar folder on the handheld.....although you can feed it with appointments from multiple exchange calendar folders.

And if you mean that you are using OWA (what's OTA?) to feed your exchange to your blackberry service provider's web client, you are really up a creek.  The web client gives you little functionality beyond basic mail redirection.   If you want more than that, you need to use either the desktop redirector/manager software, or a Bes....or both.
Sorry, having a senior moment here...just reread your question and realized that you do have a BES and are obviously talking about over-the-air......which doesn't change things will still end up with two copies of the same blended calendar.
vamail2Author Commented:
Okay - that makes sense.  Yes uyou are correct - over-the-air setup.  So Must I use Desktop director?

Yes, it's the only way to set up one way sync so that you don't blend the calendars.

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vamail2Author Commented:
Thanks.  I'll try it for now
I think the new version of Blackberry Desktop Mananger lets you add another calendar, and it will merge everything onto your calendar on the BB.
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