Move SBS to another machine

I have a customer that has Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 and they want to upgrade the hardware to a new machine.  Since this is a domain controller and and Exchange server, and you can only have one running in the domain at a time, I'm not real sure how to approach this.  usually I woudl jsut setup the new machine as a domain controll, let is syn up AD, import the exchange info and be done, but with the SBS Server not letting you have more than one running at time, that does not seem possible.  
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Check this post out 

"This is the easiest way but it's not free.  I have used it, without a hitch.

Other wise you can follow microsoft's directions;en-us;884453

This involves setting up the new sbs server, using dcpromo to make the new server the master, demoting the old server

Then you copy over the exchange folders, and the sharepoint stuff (if you are using sharepoint), and then to physically retire the old server.

Good luck!  It's not too bad though.  That sbsmigration kit makes it pretty simple."
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