Backup Exec 10.1 D2D2T scheme questions

I have set up a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup scheme using backup exec where all of the servers back up to disk for a week (1 full and 6 incremental) after which those backups are backed up to tape and moved off-site. Here's my question--how do I find a file that is several months old and no longer exists in the catalog of backed up files in backup exec? So for example I have a file named test.txt on a server and I need to restore it from a backup that is 3 months old that exists on a tape.
1.) Is there a way to search the disk-to-disk backup on the tape (because the tape will only have the .bkf file from the disk backup)
2.) Is there a way to restore a single file from the .bkf file that would exist on the tape without having to restore the entire disk-to-disk backup (which is what the tape would hold) and then import and restore from that

So I guess the problem is that I have a backup file inside another backup file and I'm curious if there are tools, or if bexec will allow you, to restore from the inner of those 2 backups.

Any help is appreciated

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Backing up the .BKFs was the old way, but now you can copy one backup to another so that a single stage restore will work from tape direct to the target serter. You might have to inventory the tape but you won't see bkf files on it but the original backed up files. There is even an example policy for it, called copy backup job I think, that you can edit and tweak to match when you do the disk to disk backups. Unfortunately you can't then schedule the disk to tape backups since they kick off as soon as the disk to disk job finishes. Well, in a way you can put them off to the weekend, just don't have any tape media available.

You have to mess around a bit defining the media sets and device that the jobs go to but it's fairly simple. To use the policy just create selection lists in the bottom pane and right click on them to assign to a policy (or vice versa - click on policy and assign selection lists to it)

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Like david fong said. You can inventory and then find the file you need. After, use redirected restore to restore that single file anywhere

dirknormanAuthor Commented:
I'm currently testing the copy backup policy, assuming this works out then the points are yours David. Testing won't be done until Friday though.
dirknormanAuthor Commented:
The copy backup policy worked perfectly. Thanks David.
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