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Pentium D - 2.66GHz, 533MHz FSB - This works in P4/Celeron Motherboards?

Just bought a motherboard/cpu combo from Fry's.  It's a Pentium D chip, mated to a ECS motherboard that supports the Intel 6XX Series CPU.  I really haven't kept up with the various CPU series as well as I should have, but I thought that the Dual core processors were the latest and greatest...it's strange to see one with a 533MHz FSB with a 2.66GHz speed.  I thought they were all at least 800MHz FSB, with hyper-threading etc.

Did Intel just decide to make a dual core processor that is compatible with the old style stuff?  I realize this is brand new, but it just seems like it's older technology mated with the latest processor technology.

Not sure what my real question here is, other than to get some insight into how this dual core processor will help and what Intel's is doing with their processor's.  The P4 family is so different than how they marketed the original P1's, PII's and PIII's.  I just can't keep up with the various CPU's in the P4 family.  Is the Dual Core a P4 or something totally different and new?
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Dual core is two P4 cpus on the same die that share the memory bus.  I don't think there are any Pentium D cpus that run at 533FSB; are you sure this isn't a Celeron D?  Do you have a cpu model number?  Here's Intel's cpus: http://www.intel.com/products/processor_number/proc_info_table072505.pdf  There are Pentium D 9xx series cpus now, but no Pentium D 6xx ones, as far as I know.
jbobstAuthor Commented:

I am pretty sure this isn't a Celeron...as it definately says "Pentium D Processor" on the Box.  The Intel sticker has the following:

"Intel Pentium D Processor 805
LGA775 Pkg, 2.66GHz, 533 FSB UP only
MM#: 879857
FPO/BATCH#: Q550A753
VERSION #: D46232-001 1.40V max. PACK DATE: 02/24/06"

The front of the box has a sticker that says:

"Intel Pentium D Processor 805+
533 MHz FSB
2x1 MB L2 Cache
05A Platform Compatibility Guide"

The ECS motherboard is the RS400-A, which claims it supports the Intel LGA775 Processor, and the Intel 6XX series cpu.
jbobstAuthor Commented:
Here is the exact processor on the newegg.com site.

It's the low-end version that was set to 533FSB so that it doesn't cut into sales of the faster models: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/cpu/display/20060123051023.html.  Intel and AMD do this all the time; when a new core design comes out, they manufacture a whole series based on it in order to capture as much in sales as possible.  In order to do that, they have to differentiate each product, and performance is the easiest way.
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