Variable is undefined: 'Wscript'

I'm trying to restart a service and I get this error.

Microsoft VBScript runtime  error '800a01f4'

Variable is undefined: 'Wscript'

/Default.asp, line 14

I've installed windows scripting engine 5.6 so I thought it would work. Any ideas?

Option Explicit
Dim objShell, intShortSleep, intLongSleep
Dim strService
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

' Values set
strService = " Alerter"
intShortSleep = 1500
intLongSleep = 5500

' Cmd prompt opened
objShell.Run "cmd"
Wscript.Sleep intShortSleep

' Service stopped with 'Net' command
objShell.SendKeys "net stop" & strService
Wscript.Sleep intShortSleep
objShell.SendKeys "{Enter}"
Wscript.Sleep intLongSleep

' Service started with 'Net' command
objShell.SendKeys "net start" & strService
Wscript.Sleep intShortSleep
objShell.SendKeys "{Enter}"
Wscript.Sleep intLongSleep

' Cmd prompt exited
objShell.SendKeys "Exit"
Wscript.Sleep intShortSleep
objShell.SendKeys "{Enter}"

Wscript.Echo strService & " service stopped "
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you could probably run:

You can't run wscript.sleep from ASP.

There's a very good reason for this, too:

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ignore the first line of my response :p
Simply installing that engine will make Wscript a known identifier (variable) in any ASP script. You have to declare it and set it equal to a new object. The error you are getting makes sense since you haven't declared Wscript.
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