How to use HTML with Linux

I'm developing an application in C++ using Linux. I what to create some static web pages and in embedd in my app so I can control my app with web browser. Is there an HTML to C or C++ compiler for Linux. Is there some how to to explain?
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>Is there an HTML  C or C++ compiler for Linux
No. But why will not You put those htmls into separate files, and then (on request) You could simply read the file and print to stdout (std::cout)

It is not a good idea to embed static HTML page in C or any other language. If they are full HTML pages, it is better to redirect or print the page to browser as ravenpl has suggested. If they piece content in the HTML page, you could those parts in a lookup table or generate them dynamically.

In addition to what ravenpl suggests, I'd like to point your attention to that one:
HTML is not  a programming languages. So what you want to achieve have to be done differently.

Write you C stuff, write your frontend pages separatly, write the backend logic in whatever language you like if you insist you can use CGI scirpts written in C for that,

although it will be much easer to steel the logic with some "scritping language".

You could e.g wrap you C functions up for this script language and call your C via this scripting language then.

In fact what you like to do is Web-programming.



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