Server 2003 DC Upgrade - CISVC.EXE warning messages


I set up a test lab with 2 servers and a workstation.  One server(DC1) was running 2000 Advanced Server w/ SP4, the other(DC2) was running 2000 Server /w SP4, DNS running on both servers.  I populated AD with users, groups, and computers to test replication.  Everything ran clean, no errors.  The workstation is running XP Pro w/SP2.

I ran adprep /forestprep and /domain prep on DC1.  After completion, I upgraded DC1 to 2003 Server Ent Ed, then upgraded DC2 to 2003 Server Ent Ed, as well.  No problem so far.

I've let it run for about a day, and I am now getting a warning message on DC1:

title bar:  "Process: cisvc.exe D:\srvtm\inetsrv\query\cindex\lowres.cxx line 635 Thread ID 1308.404"
body:  Ticks(DW1)<=Ticks(DW2)
buttons: "OK", "Cancel"

Now, DC1 is an old 1G AMD box with 256M RAM.  It's D: drive is a 250M Zip drive.  I haven't loaded any drivers for either machine, and do have some driver issues in Device Manager on both machines.  I also changed the resolution to 1024x768 on both machines before errors occured.

The warning will pop up when making changes in AD or if I just let it sit (probably when AD is replicating).

A quote from the web "cisvc.exe is a process that belongs to the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is used to monitor the memory usage in CIDAEMON.exe and prevent low memory problems".

Could this be caused by lack of RAM in DC1?  Any other ideas on this would be helpful


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The error message is telling you that the server is running out of memory.  Either add more memory or turn of some services that you don't need =)

darrennelsonAuthor Commented:
just wanted some verification, thanks Maz
Your welcome, good luck!  Post back if you have anymore issues =)
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