Help to setup Mdaemon Mail Server


         I need help to setup Mdaemon Mail Server. I already installed it however, can someone help me out to make Microsoft Outlook to be able to send and recieve email through Mdaemon?

                           Thank You in Advance
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If you have installed Mdaemon server and setup an email account on Mdaemon, it should be rather easy.

Is Mdaemon installed on the computer you want to check the email on?  If not, do you know the IP address of the computer it is setup on?
vreyesiiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

No Mdaemon is not installed on the computer which I want to check the email on. Yes I do know the IP address of the machine that the server is installed on, it has a private IP address of

                                  Thank You
In Outlook, go into Tools, Accounts, Add account (Mail).  
With Mdaemon you have a choice of POP3 email, or IMAP.  If ay, you wanted POP3 email, choose POP3.  (You need Mdaemon Pro if you wish to use IMAP).
Fill out the email address, name etc on the first panel.
In the servers tab, you need to put both POP3 and SMTP servers to
In the User name and password, put the username/password that you setup on mdaemon.
In the Advanced tab, tick the check box which says to Leave mail on server until deleted from Trash.  

That's all you need to do, if the mdaemon side is setup correctly you should get a Welcome to Mdaemon message in your Inbox.

Any questions, let us know...

(If Accounts is not listed on the Tools menu, you need to Reconfigure Outlook for internet mail).

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firstly, within mdaemon in the accounts manager, make a note of the account name and the password for each user you have setup.

secondly, from each computer with Microsoft Outlook you need to access the 'accounts' menu (generally in the tools drop down menu of Outlook). From here, you need to create a POP3 account for the relevant user.
For this you will need the following: account name and password from MDaemon server(as noted in the first step), IP address of the MDaemon server(

Depending on the version of Outlook that you have the location of where you put these settings will be slightly different but the settings will all be the same and they are all accessed in the tools, accounts menu of outlook.

User Name:  username from mdaemon server account manager
password:    password from mdaemon server account manager

One last point to note, if the above settings still don't work, then instead of just the username from the mdaemon server, input in the full email address of the user into the user name field.

I hope this helps.
vreyesiiAuthor Commented:
Alright, I was able to setup Outlook with the server from the inside. However, I have two more questions. The first question is since I have a website called let's say called I have to change the MX's server on it to what servers, would it be to the public IP of Also, the second question is what if someone that is out of the LAN where the Mail Server is located wants to send an email out from their home PC what SMTP and POP3 server again will I use would it be the public IP again of the Server) machine?

                                                          Thank You
You have a Router that the mDaemon serever is connected to.  On the other side of that is the IP address you should use for the MX record (it needs to be static).  You need to set up Port Forwarding on the router to allow SMTP and POP connections to go to the Mdaemon mail server pc.
To setup Port Forwarding:-
The public IP would be the address you would use.  

If you used WorldClient webmail you would tack :3000 on the end of the URL (and you would need to Port Forward Port 3000 to allow WorldClient access in to the Mail server)
vreyesiiAuthor Commented:
The mail server is behind a PIX. So I must allow ports 25 SMTP and 110 POP3 to be allowed through the PIX correct?

                                                                      Thank You
vreyesiiAuthor Commented:
How can I disable Mail Relay?
Mail Relay should be disabled already.  This is in the Security menu (Trusts, Relays...).  There is a setting in there somewhere which specifies the IP addresses which make up your LAN - so this needs to be set to 10.1.1.* (presumably).  There's another useful setting: reject mail from unknown local users.
vreyesiiAuthor Commented:
Thank You for all your help.
Just in case there's a misunderstanding

The first two sentences above relate to keeping the beasties out.
The third is how to enable your users email.

If you have outworkers, you can allow them to relay (using POP3) if they have a fixed IP address.  (Allow POP connections from).  Alternatively let them use WorldClient.  You don't get the full benefit of WorldClient though unless you have Mdaemon Pro.
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