Random files copied to desktop after roaming profile login

In our environment, we have Win XP SP2 clients, and Win 2003 Servers running active directory with roaming profiles. I have a problem on one specific client computer. After logging into this client computer with a Domain Admin account for maintenance work and then logging back out, the user will then log in, and find random files from their Docs & Settings folder copied to their desktop. It's always a user created file, and almost always either a word document, or an excel spreadsheet. There has been user created folders that have also been copied to the desktop. I don't run into this problem on any other client computer, so it has me stumped. Are their any solutions short of re-imaging the client computer? Thanks.
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
log in as the local admin and go into the documents & settings directory.
Delete the "local" profile for the "domain" administrator and then get the user to log in again normally.

Now try again. Still have the error?

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Do the files appear because the user logs on, or because you log on with a domain admin account? To find out:

If you look at the Documents&Settings\Username\Desktop folder, are the files already there when logged on as an administrator?

Are all user accounts with roaming profiles affected on that PC, or does it only concern one user account/profile on that specific computer?

Have you checked the login script for changes/weird commands?
aaron31182Author Commented:
keith_alabaster - I tried your solution and so far it did work. The user was able to log in without random files being copied to their desktop. I will try again tomarrow morning, after the network backup to try and replicate the previous problem. Thanks for your answer.

Ran32 - You raise a good question, and if the problem returns I will verify if the files are there when logged in as the admin. I signed in using my standard user account and did not have any random desktop files on my account. I believe the problem is either tied to the user's account, or somehow tied to user created files. I do not have any (user created files) in my Win XP roaming profile. I will sign in under a few different production user accounts if I have the problem again. Thanks for your suggestions.
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
I have my fingers crossed for you :)
aaron31182Author Commented:
keith_alabaster, your suggestion of deleting the local copy of the domain admin account seems to have worked. The user no longer has problems with random files on the desktop after a domain admin accesses the client computer. Thank you very much!
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Most welcome :)

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