Windows 2000 Domain losing network connectivity every night

Our network has been running fine for a long time but the last two nights we lost connectivity breifly to our file server which is just window 2003 storage server and then last night we lost connectivty to our DC which is Windows 2000 server and runs exchange / DNS services.  Two days ago I scavange for stale records and cleared the DNS cache.  That the only think I did before this happened.  Could this be affecting our connectivity at night.  As soon as we reboot our DC it is fine though.  I need to get this corrected.  I run DHCP and all the internal clients use the DC for DNS.  The DNS server is configured for forwarders to our ISP.  Am I correct when looking at DNS or could it be something else?
Matt PessolanoAsked:
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have you look at the event viewer on both machines and see if there are any errors...? that would be a good place to start.

also are both servers connceted trhough the same switch. that could be your problem.
also are both servers connceted trhough the same switch. that could be your problem. sorry i should have been more specific when i said that could be your problem maybe the switch is going bad.
Matt PessolanoAuthor Commented:
no errors in the event viewer that I see at all.  Both servers are connected on the same switch.  But so are two other servers that dont have a problem. But why does it become ok when i reboot it then and it works all day?
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any scheduled tasks that run during the night? any program updates or anything like that - even windows security updates?
so did you have any issues last night....
Matt PessolanoAuthor Commented:
Matt PessolanoAuthor Commented:
I enabled it for tonight though and i will wait to see what happens. I was thinking it was the DNS when i scavenged for records.  I did lose a couple pointer records that were for valid servers.  I dont know much about it though
now im about time changes? do you use some sort NTP service such as nettime or anything like that.
" I was thinking it was the DNS when i scavenged for records.  I did lose a couple pointer records that were for valid servers." hmm thats very rare but it could be the problem...i dont have an idea of how that would affect possible theory could be that the dns is refreshing at that specif time and then is unable to find a record that was valid but you thought that was an scavenge record.
did you happen to make a copy of what you deleted?
try changing the switch.
if it works, you're done.
if it doesn't work we've eliminated a possible issue.

Also, for good measure, replace the patch cables to the servers.  In a 1992 Novell class I was instructed to memorize that 70% of networking problems are faulty cables.  Because of course, it would never be with the Novell or Microsoft stuff :-)

any updates?

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Hey jimmymcp02 - damn, I wish I could come up with such brillant answers as "any updates?" to be accepted and earn me points!!!!  :-)))))))

(maybe he took your original switch the switch advice!)

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