VPN with predefined ip address?

hi everyone,
how do i configure routing and remote access to allow users to VPN wtih a user-defined ip address?
i tried to do that and the server kicks back with " TCP/IP CP reported error 735: The requested address was rejected by the server."
i looked thru the router and remote access and didnt see options i could change for that, or maybe i didnt catch something.
thanx for any help
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baconyiAuthor Commented:

Your connection is configured to request a specific IP address. Either the server is not configured to permit clients that request specific IP addresses, or the specific IP address may already be in use by another client. If possible, use DHCP to avoid addressing conflicts. See To configure TCP/IP settings.

thats what the error says when i click more.
you want the user to pick thier own IP address for a VPN?  This doesn't sound right?  How will you avoid ip conflicts?

See this document for not using DHCP but assigning IP's via static pool of addresses (maybe this is what you mean)

baconyiAuthor Commented:
what i wanted to do was assign a spcific ip to anyone vpn'ing in, which of course the address they use will not be in the scope of DHCP.
purpose for this is because they want to track what the users are doing, and the program they have uses ip address.  if we use dhcp or an address pool, we dont know who is on what address.

but anyhow i found out how to do it, 2 ways, i picked the easier of the two, properties in the active directory computers and users, and under the dial up tab you can assign a specific ip for dial-in
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