Problem with IP address being blocked by specific secure site

I am signed up with a provider of financial information and have been able to access the account with no problems, however, as of yesterday, I am returned an error on login, saying that  "Since this IP address (xx.xx.xx.xx) is not on your authorized IP network  specified in your account, login is being blocked"

I cannot therefore get into the account to check detail and cannot recall any IP address being asked for when signing up.  I have tried to email the support team but get bounced.  My browser (IE6) and Outlook seem to perform normally in all other respects.  The IP address quoted is not familiar.

1/  How can I check my IP address which is being presented to the site in  question  (TCPIP properties ticked for automatically assign IP address)
2/  Would the IP that the message refers to be my domain IP or my computer IP and what is the relationship between them.

I anm running windows 2000

many thanks

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1 - To identify your IP in Ineternet, just open in browser this page:

It will show in the left top part of the page, your IP! :)

2 - I can't reply it, because lack of information.

Please answer this questions to try help:

- Is the first time that you logged in this web page (bank) ?

- Is it a bank ? If yes, what bank ?

- If you aready logged in it sometime in the past, what have changed in your computer ? Internet provider ? ADSL company ? Formated your PC ?

- What is the class of the IP that appear in the quoted message ?

- What e-mail have you tryed contact the company ? Have you tryed check the administrative e-mail given by whois ?

- Do you already registered any IP in the past ?

Hope this help,


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Does anyone else in the office having the same problem or just you?

you can check your ip as suggested by zgrp or if you want more detailed info do this:

Run the command prompt (usually under Start > Run)
In the Run window field, type cmd
Type ipconfig /all

good luck
Hi There,

Where are you accessing your login from?
Is it from your own home or Office.?

A few things you can try
1.  You can try accessing the Financial Site from another location such as your Office to see if the problem still exist.

2.  IF the error only occurred from your home internet access, then most probably your recent DHCP assigned IP Address from your ISP may have been a blacklisted IP which may has cause the problem.

You can either give a call to your ISP to check with them whether there was any network IP Address changes made recently.
Report about the problem you facing and hopefully they could help you resolve it.

or you may try to shake of the current IP address yourself. Just to be sure that you don't get back the IP Address again by noting down the current IPADdress by ipconfig /all
Now turn off your Cable Modem/ADSL for a few hours and turn on again. This normally will renew another IP Address. Countercheck by running the ipconfig /all. Then try accessing the site .

3.  Contact the Financial Site support team for help if it still have problem.

Hope this helps.


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