Age of Empires III

I have Age of Empires III installed and according to the minimum requairments, it should work fine, however, i start the game and it works really slow, as in, low framerate, it moves from picture to picture slowly and so is the buttons... the movie at the start work fine, its only the game...
I guess it sounds like i need more ram or graphics card issues, but what i have should be enough so i dont know why it happans...

- pentium 4, cpu 2.35Ghz, 512mb ram, nvidia geforce fx 5200 128mb memory, win xp home, sp 2.
- all drivers are updated and so is directX.

Thank you.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Has AOEIII ever run properly on this machine?
Any problems with any other games on the same machine?
ofirkarinAuthor Commented:
No, I installed it and it has been that way since the begining, and also, i had never experienced such problems with my computer but i think its the first game i have installed for like a year, so maybe the requairments are different or something... but still, according to what i says on the game, my computer should be able to run it well...
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
What nVidia driver version are you using?
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ofirkarinAuthor Commented:
umm, lateset...
ForceWare version: 84.21 (is this it ?)
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:

Make sure you have the latest patches from Ensemble

And because there is a known issue with the FX 5200, in the Graphics Settings, turn your Shader setting to "Low";en-us;907881

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ofirkarinAuthor Commented:
Wow, that "shader quality" thing was the problem, hehe, stupid me for not finding it myself but thank alot ! works great now !

thanks alot.
ofirkarinAuthor Commented:
Umm, i guess thats another question, but now, wheni press on a certain action in the game it quits and says it must close and if i wanna send a report etc... kinda wierd but i guess thats a different issue...
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
>i guess thats another question

Really yes, let someone else have a look too as no-one will visit closed questions unless they're looking for the same solution.

Might be worth looking through here though and making sure the game is patched
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