I used Clearcase on unix for some years but never used CVS.
Now my company is asking me to port a whole vob of source code
into CVS under a crashing timeline. Would any one tell me the
major steps in how to do this so that I don't have to read the
CVS document from beging to the end?

Thanks a lot.

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The task of moving every file in even a small Clearcase VOB is not simple, and certainly worth more than a measly 50 points ;-)

However, if you have some perl skills, and a good knowledge of Clearcase, there is a reasonable starting point in the script found at: http://fdd.com/software/cvs/

There are significant differences between CC and CVS, and you will lose a lot of functionality, locking and access control.  Plus CVS has a very terse and awkward command set.  You will *definitely* have to read the CVS manual from beginning to end, several times and there will be plenty of head scratching to be done.

I only know of one project where this was succesfully achieved.  There was a team of three people doing the work and it took about three weeks to complete.  After that, several months elapsed before the development and release teams began to settle back into a steady, manageable model.
In that script you will have to check out every revision of every file and check in into CVS.
We did that between CVS and SubVersion ( CVS lacks diff for binary files if you did not notice), it takes long at best.
you have to extract all files from CC, and import them into CVS
If you need the history too, you have to do that for each revision. Note that you loose the timestamp of the revision then.

Also, if you plan to go from a more sophisticated system (like CC), to a more simple (not saying dumb:) system like CVS, you need to be aware that you loose functionality. Your decission depends on "what" you want to do and "how many" people are working with it. Keep in mind that the "C" in CVS stands for "concurrent editing" which unfortunately is one of its feature which don't work reliable. Sigh.
Said this, even without asked for, you probaly want to check others like subversion or gid, depending on your requirements.
jfz2004Author Commented:
Thanks a lot for such prompt help.
I will look into that perl script.

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