A record for www not resolving properly

I have a domain called testdomain.com. I also host mail on my internal Exchange server for testdomain.com. We have a second zone setup in Windows 2003 Server (dns) for this zone. My problem relates to people on the inside of our network cannot go to the web page: www.testdomain.com. Due to the fact that this domain is the second domain being hosted on our network I simply created an A record for www to go to the public ip address where our website is hosted.

This still didn't work.

When I type in the ip address of the hosting companies ip for our website it goes to some other website. After talking to the hosting company they said that our site is simply not the default site for that ip. They indicated that typically the name of the website along with the ip is sent and that is how the hosting company answers back with the proper result. My issue then becomes how can I get our website to load for my internal group given the fact I can't send the domain name along with the request when a client goes to www.testdomain.com?

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sounds like your Internal Windows 2003 domain name is the same name as your external registered internet domain name?  Is this true?  Microsoft would recommend that these names be different.  If they are the same, you will have problems resolving your external name space from inside your company.

This is why, Microsoft now suggests a name like, company.local  In this way, you will definatly have a different internal Windows 2003 domain name compared to your external registered internet domain name (and yes, you can still receive e-mail on your Exchange server...)

In your case, because your internal domain name is the same as your registered internet domain name, you will have to create manual records in your internal DNS name space for any registrations on the internet for your domain.  This isn't the worst problem to have...especially if you only have a few public servers...

can you give us the actual public internet url you are trying to get to?
can you get to your public www web page using an IP address instead?  This may be helpful in creating the A record properly...
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or if you internal windows domain name is different compared to your registered internet domain name, simply delete the forward lookup zone that relates to your registered internet domain name.  Then setup DNS forwarding...

Open the DNS console on your windows 2003 server.  Right click your server name... click the FORWARDING tab.  Enter the ISP DNS servers (provided by your ISP) or enter your routers IP address here  (routers can be used if your router gets a DHCP address from your ISP provider...or if you have hard coded your ISP DNS servers in your WAN router).

tadduciAuthor Commented:
companydomain.com is the sample name of my domain. I also host email for testdomain.com on this same network. So it isn't the primary name and I am not getting conflicts with recieving email or sending out from the system. All my problems stem from the fact that www.testdomain.com doesn't load.

www.tridentconnection.com is the website that I am trying to get to load internally. The numerical value is: which is a system at our hosting facility. If you type in that ip address in a web broswer you get a different companies website to load.

tadduciAuthor Commented:
we have no forwarding servers setup in windows dns. all clients on the inside of the network point to my internal dns servers only. no outside dns servers are used.
What you did is correct, putting in the A record for www and pointing it to the external IP address.

So what comes up in the browser when you type www.testdomain.com now?  Just a page not found?

It's ok that you don't have forwarders, DNS will just use the internet root hints servers to resolve external DNS.

If you do an nslookup www.testdomain.com from a client workstation that is having a problem does it resolve as
Did you right click your Forward Lookup zones and create a new zone called "tridentconnection.com"?

Did you create an "A" record with an ip address of

Did you create a reverse lookup zone called:  136.26.216.in-addr.arpa   ?

Did you create a PTR record in the 136.26.216.in-addr.arpa zone called 97 = www.tridentconnection.com?

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tadduciAuthor Commented:
Got it working... I didn't create a reverse look up record but I did make sure that zone transfers were enabled and allowed between "any server" in my domain. I did a ipconfig /flushdns and a ipconfig/register dns and that appeared to do the trick.

I am awarrding points to njcomputernetworks as he had the most replies to my message with the most helpful hints to lead me down the correct path.

Thank you.
Not a problem...NJ is cool by me...
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