Snapclone process failing intermittently using Hp StorageWorks

We have a snapclone proccess that unmounts one 500gig Lun one Win2k AS Sp4, deletes the Lun. Then it will recreate the Lun, present it to another  and mounts this Lun to another Win2k AS Sp4. Once it is mounted to the other server, a SQL back up job will run to copy the live data from the day to this Lun, then it will mount this drive back to the other server so reports can run against this data and be backed up as well. The issue we are having is a job is kicked off from an Hp appliance that will issue commands to mount and unmount the Drive (X: is the assigned drive letter). So far we have seen different scenarios  where once the drive is mounted it will not label the assigned Lun, or it will label it as the E:, or will not even mount the drive at all. We think there could be some hooks still into the X drive after the unmount command is issued that might be causing this issue. Here are the two commands that are issued

CD \Program Files\Compaq\SANworks\Enterprise Volume Manager\bin
evmcl "servername" undo "servername_snapclone"

CD \Program Files\Compaq\SANworks\Enterprise Volume Manager\bin
evmcl servername run "servername_snapclone"

We are running BC v2.3.1 on both the SMA and the BC host. Secure path version 4.0c. This is running on Tier 2 disk (Eva 5000).

If you need any logs I have server logs and BC logs as well.

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You should see if the HP snapclone/mounting process supports mount points rather than drive letters.  This will make it much easier for you as you can mount a lun 'inside' another drive letter.  Of course, I think you'd need W2K3 for this....

If you automatically mount a LUN, it's probably just grabbing the next drive letter available (e:).  Your mounting command should allow you to select the drive letter with a CLI option; if it doesn't I'd be really surprised.

I work with the Netapp FlexClone and I do that.  Of course, the netapp flexclone doesn't require any movement of data to create the clone and doesn't require me to unmount anything to do all this, but I'm sure the end result at the presentation layer is similar.

cjungersAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately there are two problems. Currently we cannot move to win2k3 as of yet and there are process that are hard coded in the applicaiton that looks for the X drive on that particular server. We plan on addressing this in the summer time, but currently this is causing headaches as of now and am looking for a short term solution in the meantime before we move to upgrade this server. We have opened a case with out TAM from MS and we implemented this fix per there recommendation ( , this updates the Mountmgr.sys and mountmgrverchk.dll. We are waiting to see if the problem reproduces itself once again. Hp also recommended moving to Sp2-1 for secure path 4.0c as well. Let me know if you have any other thoughts or comments, thanks.
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