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Here is the story so far.

I am running SAV 10 Corp all networked and feeding the clients. It has been fine for 9 months, then all of a sudden yesterday it crashed.

I couldn't get the System Center to load, so uninstalled it and the AV Server to re-instal.

Now when I re-install it wont let me unlock the server group, and it wont let me unlock the AV Server.

Just to add to the problems the clients wont uninstall either, looks like the password is corrupted, or something.

I know symantec put stuff in the registry which is obviously preventing a clean install, but something is a mess.

Any ideas Please
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Hi Alan,

By any chance have you tried using the default user name and password for Symantec? I guess you can also tryin installing Symantec Server on another system as well. Install it first as a client then install the management console on the system. Then try to add it to the group as a server. Keep me posted!  Good Luck,

Hi alanheaton

due to nortons registry entries chances are your settings and security will be kind of messed up

this is will help you completely remove and reinstall

alanheatonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys for taking the time to answer but I have sorted it

I have Norton State Recovery running so had to go back and copy the PKI folder which holds all the certificates then re build from there

Thanx Anyway, it is always good to know that there are people who are capable out there.
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