Date in Outlook 2003

I have received several e-mails today in outlook 03 - The "heading" that appears in the left pane reads "Yesterday" but the dat's today.  What's wrong?
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tymesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it the Sent date or the Received Date.  Sometimes, the sent date is 1971 or 2020 that can't be controlled, it depends on the clock on the senders machine -- except whether you wish the columns to be displayed or not.

Right click on the column titles, Field chooser, and ensure Received Date and Sent Date are there.  I prefer Received Date.
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If the column is the Received Date, check your date and time in your computer.  Double click on the time in the system tray and make sure date and time is correct.

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Yes, if you recently changes your computer's time it affects the relative dates (today, yesterday etc.) of Outlook. Send an email to yourself, close Outlook, then change the date to tomorrow. Open Outlook and then receive the email. It should show up in the yesterday folder.

If you haven't recently changed your computer's time, either accidentally or on purpose, then it's very common to receive emails from outside sources or free POP accounts such as hotmail, google or your ISP's account that maintain the mail server's time and date. So if they get resent or stuck on that server (queued for server maintenance) when you receive them they will have the earlier time still on them and show up in the appropriate relative date folder, yesterday, last week, etc.
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