Sharing internet connecton without switch

I've got two computers and I want to share the Internet connection for them.

Look at the picture:

Computer1 has two NIC's, one labelled WAN (connected to modem) and other called LAN (connected to another computer, cross-over cable)

Computer1 WAN connection uses DHCP.

What are the manual network settings for the Computer1 LAN and for the Computer2?

Computer1 has a working Internet acces but the other computer just won't go to Internet.
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I assume you're using Windows. You can set up ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on Computer 1, then configure Computer 2. Otherwise, you might have to manually set IPs on each machine (LAN NIC on Computer 1 and the NIC on Computer 2), and have Computer 2 use Computer 1's IP as the gateway. Then on Computer 1, bridge the two connections together.
Right click on Wan nic and make ICS is checked as well as I think under the advanced tab you need to make sure that share this computers internet access is checked soory can't confirm at the momment. Then the first computer should offer the 2nd pc a ip and all through dhcp.

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IF you can afford a cheap switch go that route.
Why is ICS a bad choice? The first computer has to be up all the time. What is both computers are in use and you have to restart due to a blue screen.If I am in the middle of frag the crap out of someone and i loss my connection I am going to come over a frag you.
I don't about the rest of you but I do want my WIFE fragging me.
hafkaAuthor Commented:
Yes, I know the disadvantages on ICS.

But what are the manual network settings for the Computer1 LAN interface and for the Computer2?

(Computer1 WAN:

Computer1 LAN


Using dhcp on LAN connections and then bridging the two interfaces on computer1 didn't work.
hafkaAuthor Commented:
It worked out with these settings:

When wan interface was shared the windows set LAN interface on static ip.
Then using DHCP on computer2 I managed to gain Internet-acces on both machines.
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