Citrix Access Essentials Best Practices for Remote Printing

I have a head office and 6 remote offices. I am planning on installing a Citrix (Access Essentials) Server at the head office and to connect all remote users to the head office via this server. (Around 20 - 30 Users).

I am worried about printing (mostly speed) as my remote sites will need to print colour brochures. Can anyone advise what the best practices are for setting this up and recommend anything that would make printing quicker. ( Should I install a local print server box at each office?)

Not really sure, please advise?

Thank You in advance
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How are the printers going to be connected\installed on the users machines?

I would recommend using a local install via TCP\IP in each office to those printers in those offices.  Make sure that all drivers are matching on Servers and PCs  You should have no issue.

What is the bandwidth or Internet Speed of each location?  
sascottyAuthor Commented:
The remote users may use thin clients. If they do printing will have to be though the citrix server, therefore cannot print using local ip.

Fast/High Bandwidth at HO and broadband 2mb at offices.
since you are using thin clients then install all the printers to a print server and import the network print server to the server farm and give users access based on their location.  I woudln't necessarily put a print server at each location because of the cost and you probably won't see much of a speed difference.  However if cost isn't a problem then that also would be a good way to do it.

I've never used Access Essentials so I don't know how much it differs from the normal Citrix 4.0, but normally you would just import the network print server, then give people access to certain printers with a policy you specify.
What I'd do is put in hp printer servers at the remote location.  They operate on port 9100, i believe tcp.

next, configure the router there (at the remote office) to redirect requests like this:
remote ip, port 9100 -> ip of 1st printer in remote office port 9100
remote ip, port 9101 -> ip of 2nd printer in remote office port 9100
remote ip, port 9102 -> ip of 3rd printer in remote office port 9100

Now on the citrix server, add the printers, choose local add a tcpip port of the remote office - it will configure them all to port 9100.
Go in and change the port for printer2 to 9101 and the port for printer3 to 9102

Now turn off printer redirection on the citrix box or in the client software.

This is how I have maintained reliable printing for two years.  No problems.

If you VPN the sites together using fortinet routers, EVEN better and EVEN safter cause the router SCANS the traffic over the VPN connection
and coming in from the internet for viruses and malware.  I am a reseller of fortinet routers, they rock!



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