Any EASY way to get data from Outlook over to FileMaker??

I'm looking for a solution in which my sales team can consitantly pull information from an email they receive and push that info over into our FileMaker database.  I would think the easiest way would be for them to somehow create a contact off that email and then be able to send that contact over to filemaker and select which field to add the data too.

The unique identifier on our records in someone's email address.  Anyone have some suggestions?

I tried this and it seems to be crap unless I just can't figure it out.  :)
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> a button in FileMaker called "Import Outlook Contact" and they can either specify the VCF file
> and have it autopopulate those fields in a new record or something else along those lines?  

That's definitely possible, though the simplest way would involve a two-step process. Users would first need to save the VCF file from Outlook, then import it into FM. Not real difficult, but slightly annoying.
If you wanted to make the process more automatic, then you could probably create a VBA macro that would automatically export the current contact as a VCF file, then import it automatically.
Then you could have Filemaker use the Send Event step to execute a VBScript to start the process.
This would be the "pull" approach.

As for the "push" approach, that could also be done, though it would be trickier. FileMaker doesn't really have much in terms of ways to get information into the application. Basically, your only options are direct data entry (via client or web), ODBC, and the clipboard. If you're on the Mac platform, Applescript is a good option, but for Windows you're limited to those three.
The best would probably be to use a pop3 plug-in to receive email direclty in filemaker.
CNS and Dacons are doing this. But this is auite a bit of work to make a good app with it.
If you'd like to recuperate some data from outlook > fm, do you need to only recuperate contacts, or more? on a daily basis, more frequent, for each mail?
Forgot to mention that the plug-in should be ok. productive normally has good stuff, I tested 2 of his plug-ins (not the one you mention) and they were ok. I once found a bug and he corrected it quickly, so don't hesitate to contact him if you have any problem to implement it.
I agree that Productive usually make good stuff. In this case, I think that plugin would be overkill. It's more intended for more live integration stuff, like creating appointments and emails automatically based on database info.
I once wrote a FM script that would retrieve information from a VCF file. Not sure if that would be useful.
CHILINVLNAuthor Commented:
I'm just looking for a way that I can have my saleteams do the following:

(They receive an email from a prospect, which is now a "contact")

Create a new contact/contacts from either a single, or group of emails, and then push those contacts into FileMaker.  The information we're MOST concerned with the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

Any chance there is a script you can create to where a salesman could click a button in FileMaker called "Import Outlook Contact" and they can either specify the VCF file and have it autopopulate those fields in a new record or something else along those lines?  I don't know exactly how to explain it but you get my drift.

Of course, the field names in filemaker are unique so I would have to modify the script in some way, but I'm very capable of doing that much.  

Does that make better since?  I'm just not sure whether the approach is pushing the data from outlook INTO FileMaker or PULLING the data FROM outlook into FileMaker...
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