Can not forward the email with Attachment


1. I working in the environment that uses lotus notes for emails
2. One of the clien has a problem like this: i) She can not FORWARD an email with the attachment.
3. However, she can do the followings: i) She can compose emails with attachment, and successfully send them
4. I try the followings: i) i create a very small size microsfoft word's file, ii) I compose an email with the above file, and send it to herself, iii) When , i try to FORWARD that email to herself, there is error message.
5. The error message is as the followings: "Can not copying the attach file - the database is being used"
6. Somebody can help ?

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Do you now if she is using the standard Email templete ?

Does this work OK for you ?

If she forwards to someone other than herself, does she get the same message ?I would try to refresh or replace her mail template for a start.

What version of Notes Client and Server are being used ?

DId this just start happeining ?

Does this affect anyone else ?

I hope this helps !
Also, the error message is very strange. Syntax and Grammer are incorrect.
Are you sure you have copied it correctly ?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
My suggestions, if not already done:
1) reboot, and check again
2) check the disk for errors
3) reinstall the Notes client, just over the current installation.
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Hi tjie,
What virus scanner is being used?  Just guessing, that the attachment is stuck in the virus scanner.   Hence, database is busy message.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Please, Tjie, do you have some feedback for us? What was the real problem, and what actually solved it?

And why the <C> grade?? Was it that bad??
tjieAuthor Commented:

1. Rebooting and reinstallation of notes clients are not the answers that i expect( these are very General; i think everyone can do it); i need more specific ones.
2. Replace design is still an acceptable one.
3. Actually, i do research by myself. i found out that her notes clients are really "messed up". There are another DATA folder inside the DATA folder, her server pointing to other servers, etc. I replaced the design, but it did not help. I reintalled, also did not help. Finally, i deleted all files that have extension of NSF and DSK. I deleted all lotus folder (also in Registry), then reinstalled the lotus notes, and just be able to function properly.
4. I gave this grading as i appreciate all your related comments (that some portions solve the problems; it is grade C as it is too general)
5. Thank you

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Refreshing/Replacing design did the trick for me...
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