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Disable Auto Populate

Is there a way to disable the auto populate function client side so that when users are filling in forms it does not display previous form entries?

Thanks in advance
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I'm assuming you talking about IE, Mozilla, or Netscape browsers automatically poulating the information in form fields. There isn't a really simple way to stop this, since it's happening client side you don't have much say.

However, all hope is not lost. The way the auto populate works is by comparing a databse of form names and web pages to the currently viewed page. If it finds a match it displays a list of previously typed answers. To stop this from working you could write you server side script to randomley generate the field names every time the page is loaded. This would cause the form names to be diffrent ever single time the user visted the page. Here is some psuedo code to help out.

string ibox1

<input type='textbox' name=<% write ibox1 %>>
Disabling it for Web content:
For IE, use the AUTOCOMPLETE="off" attribute for INPUT and FORM field elements: http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/properties/autocomplete.asp

For Mozilla/Firefox, it's disableAutoComplete = "true" (I haven't tested this one)

or, you can disable it for each browser in the browser settings.
Dang, I thought I had seen somebody else do it like that, but for the life of me I could not google an answer. Well the above post should suit your needs.
rockymageeAuthor Commented:
Simple as autocomplete=off ..... Nice !

With further research I discovered the autocomplete=off works:

For IE in both the <form> and individual <input> tags.

For Firefox only in the <form> tag ;)


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