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Rate computer systems

Is anyone familiar with a method of rate (as best as possible) computer systems?

IE... If someone has a PIII 600 with 128 MB RAM... how does that fair to a Sempron 2800+ with 512 MB of RAM.

I know there are many variables, but it would be neat to be able to rough rate (?) systems.  If we could say that the PIII ran a particular test and scored 700 and the Sempron scored 954... you'd get the jest if where the second system compares to the first.
2 Solutions
There are a variety of benchmarking tools available but the problem that you run into is that a computer designed to do one particular job will generally not perform well at other tasks. For instance a machine designed to be a database server will perform that job very well but if you tried to play a 3D game with it you would probably wouldn't be happy with it.

That being said, most benchmark programs are designed to test for a particular use. From the machines you mentioned it looks as if you are looking to rate general purpose desktop computers. www.futuremark.com has benchmarks that to test a variety of applications. The key is to pick a test that best simulates the use of the computer and then use it to compare other machines. If you are looking to test for general use computers I would look at PCMark.
The 2nd system spec has much faster hardware than system . E.g. 128mb vs 512 Mb ram so that will make a big difference. Same goes for the CPU power, the sempron has more processing power than P3.
     If you need to Find specs about CPU, MotherBoard, Ram, Video Card, Sound etc..
I would use a free software on the internet like..
 Everest Home Edition - http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html
 Sisoft Sandra - http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/

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