From an outside network, can ping router...tracert times out 1 hop before router

Let me vent a little here... I have spent 1.5 hours on the phone with 6 comcast people, 2 linksys people and about an hour looking through ... no success and a little angry at this point ;-(   I am the networking for dummies guy. I am a quick learner w/ computers but this is crazy.

I have recently had a security system installed in my facility and I am attempting to remotely access the system from my home computer. (I have had mid-level network techs come in and try to resolve the issue and they haven't had success.)

I have a Linksys (model BEFSX41) router which i can access, comcast broadband cable internet, XP home, the security system comes with software that can be accessed from internal network, a dynamic IP address, and

Remotely i can successfully  ping my router but when i run a tracert to the my router, it times out when trying to hop from the router before my network's router (it doesn't reach my router).

From what i have heard/read it sounds like my router is bad or i have to use a static IP address to access it. Changing to a static IP address is costly and I want to avoid it. Any solutions?
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Have you checked the settings related to ICMP traffic? Seems strange...
>>>>>>>>Remotely i can successfully  ping my router but when i run a tracert to the my router, it times out when trying to hop from the router before my network's router (it doesn't reach my router).

From where you are doing a tracert to your router, is it from office???
You also have to consider the fact that at remote place there can be a firewall that blocks the tracert and can allow the ping.......

use this site and see the results by trace routing to your ip address

ledge16Author Commented:
     ICMP traffic? No need to explain the who workings of it but where do check it and what am i looking for?

r naren22:
the tech tried from a few different locations, he tried forwarding, creating a tunnel, and changing ports... from what i can remember
out of the office now but will try the traceroute from inside the network next time.
Try to register with it allow you for dynamic DNS. Allowing you for remote access even if you don't have static ip.

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