Convert a second value into hours mintues and seconds

What i need to achive :

There is a value that is stored in the database ( call_req.time_spent_sum) this has a value in seconds

I need this value to be given as hours:mintues:seconds
so if call_req.time_spent_sum = 4830
i need to get 1:20:30
this is got by
3600 + 1200 +30

now after getting this value

i also have to get the sum of the amount of hr:min:sec spent on solving a particular problem in that day .

there are a few functions i have come across

such as

Ive tried these but I am unsuccessful in getting the solution.

Please advice
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Try this formula:

local numbervar total_secs := {call_req.time_spent_sum};
local numbervar hrs := int(total_secs / 3600);
local numbervar mins := int(remainder(total_secs,3600)/60);
local numbervar secs := remainder(remainder(total_secs,3600),60);

totext(hrs,0,"") & ":" & totext(mins,0,"") & ":" & totext(secs,0,"")

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I would suggest that in the CR you summarize your seconds before you display them with the above formula.  This way you are able to acheive both results in multiple areas.  
Ken TurnerCommented:
If you need to convert seconds to a proper time field (as opposed to a string field as described above), all you need is:


I agree that will work, just with the caveat that when the number of seconds are >= 86400, then you will not see the elapsed correct time.
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