Is a TCP/IP Standalone Scanner exist ?

Looking forward to go with a NComputing Network-based computing terminal (Model L100) but I need that "remote" user be able to use a scanner and a printer.  Because that Network-based Computing Terminal does not have any USB connection, the only alternative is to go with a "Stand Alone" TCP/IP scanner.  That scanner, if any exist, will be connected to the local TCP/IP switch, same used for the computing terminal.  It should be configured to scan to a network drive.  

I already have a Digital Sender which is also a Stand Alone TCP/IP Scanner but worth 3600 Can$, which is too expansive to equip that user.  Looking for something more acceptable money wise...
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
The only scanners I'm aware of with this kind of capability are high end - high price models like the Ricoh IS300.  The idea with this form of thin client technology is to share the periperals on the host PC(s) so it may be more sensible to put the user who needs the scanner on the host then you are back to looking at a conventional USB/Serial scanner.
can you set up a scanner on the host pc? you should be able to use it from its client terminals.

otherwise look at
Alain_Labelle_IngAuthor Commented:
Problem is that there is no PC around.  I am going with a solution to have only 1 Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse.  This kit ( )is connected to TCP/IP network to remote desktop PC "far away", can even be over VPN.  This kit does not support USB.  However, I have found by mean time, a USB Server connecting USB Devices to TCP/IP Network ( ).  I should try that solution by next week and let that case informed about result.  If it work, should interest other user in that solution.
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hope it works out for you.. i remember now reading about it quite awhile ago... be sure to check with keyspan about device compatibility before you buy a scanner for it.

btw, ncomputing's new model (due out in a couple months) has a usb port, but i don't know if it will support devices other than flash drives.
Alain_Labelle_IngAuthor Commented:
If possible, let it open for another week or two... did not had time yet to try the "found" solution.
Update here?
Alain_Labelle_IngAuthor Commented:
yes, some.  The USB Server is on another subnet so a bit more complicated than expected.  On there official support web site, they say it should work with some config.  Tried it last week without success yet but I am missing one info which I should have beginning next week.  I seriously appologize on delay, but my tasks (work load) went crazy last month.  If possible, again, I would like to get an extra week to make it working and then comment it over here.  My understanding of this scenario is it should help some PC severe enviroment to work efficiently with a turn around.
Alain_Labelle_IngAuthor Commented:
There it is: it is working even over Internet / VPN connection (so on another subnet).  There is a link on Keyspan site which is a must to troubleshoot: 

I would add two other points: for USB Server to get an IP of a DHCP, you first have to plug ENet cable and then power device.  Also, to get devices enabled, you have to go onto bottom right corner KeySpan Icon, then select Connected Devices and then "Check" devices you want be enabled.  I have connected an HP PSC1610 and it is working fine. My Ncomputing Screen is connected to a "Remote" PC over VPN link (internet) and Printer / USB key, camera, and so on and all those are internet away of the running PC.
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