Access is denied to network connection to shared plotter

I'm attempting to access a network based plotter using the dos 'copy' command.

Here are the steps I've taken:
- rip my images into an RTL file, glue.rtl.
- create a TCP port and assign it to the plotter.
- share the plotter
- in a cmd prompt:
•      c:\windows\system32\net.exe use lpt2: "\\Sunburst44\DJ1050C1" [worked]
•      copy /b glue.rtl lpt2: [gaves error: "Access is denied."]

I have used this technique successfully on another network on the Win 2000 computer.
The present computer is Win XP.
I am able to plot directly to the shared plotter.
I am using the same admin account for the entire process.

Why is access to the net connection denied?
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First off, are you logged in as an administrator on this PC?  If not, log in as one and see if that works.

Another thing to try would be to copy directly to the printer share instead of copying to a re-mapped lpt port.  See the "Method 2" section in this Microsoft support page for instructions on doing this:


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allanj42Author Commented:

Method 2 in the MS KB document appears to be working (copying directly to the plotter share, rather than first making an LPTn network connection).

I still wonder why the LPT connection was not accessible, though, as I have used that technique successfully on other networks. Just another unanswered mystery, I guess.

Thanks for alternate solution.

Yeah, I thought it was strange too, but who knows!  I too have set up shared plotters on a network before, and I used the same method as you.  I haven't ever had to follow this alternate method, but it is nice to have a second option.

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