Including .chm file in deployment setup.exe

I have a working application that I can build and run.  I included a .chm help file.  
The problem is this, I could see it coming.
In my application I set the help provider HelpNamespace to the path for my .chm file.  
That is fine on my test machine, I have when I build
and a aplication.exe.config file that has inside it
add key="HelpProvider1.HelpNamespace" value=c:\etc...\xxxx.chm

Unfortunately, when I try to create a deployment setup.exe file it will do an install but when I try to run the program it fails with
"Additional information: The key 'HelpProvider1.HelpNamespace' does not exist in the appSettings configuration section."
This makes sense because the setup does not create a config file which is where the HelpNamespace path exists.

So my question is how do I make a deployment setup for an application that has a helpProvider pointing at a .chm file??
How do I include the .chm in my deployment and the executable can find it?  

Thank you.

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1. you can use registry

2. it should be app.config, not app.exe.config - you can include this file into your deployment version and make it copy it in your executable folder.

3. you can hardcode it

4. you can just put it in an ini file or any other txt file and read it.

as a note - try to use absolute paths ("c:\etc...\xxx.chm) - you always can use Application.ExecutablePath and their at least other two or three that can point to your application as well as

System.Enviroment.GetFolder( System.Enviroment.SpecialFolder.Here_IS_SPECIAL_FOLDER )

will give you all the goodies on the user machine

I'm not sure if I listed all of the options you have ;)

good luck,

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nutrino149Author Commented:
Thank you.

Actually,it was stupid of me.   I have done mostly asp and a aspx applications.

The .chm help file I made with micorsofts HTML Help Workshop and included into my application was application.exe.config that has the
add key="HelpProvider1.HelpNamespace" value=     statement.

Well the easy answer was I just set the help provider value to just the application name and making sure my deployment sollution included the
application and .chm and config all in the same directory (if that makes sense).

So I just needed to deploy everthing in the same folder and not try to path to the .chm file.

Oh well, live and learn.
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