X-Deep to Linux gdm and "unknow host: CSLinux11 "

I am trying to configure X-Deep, it seems user friendly, when I try to display windows to it
from Linux by set the DISPLAY to its temprory IP address. However when I try use XCMDP
to to a connect I got a message from the X-Deep's chooser window, saying "unknow host: Linux311 "
I got confused, there really is nothing to set about allowed xdm hosts from the X-Deep side. One thing
I could think of is that there is a  /etc/hosts table on linux which suppose to have some of the
hosts entry on the local LAN. But this is a DHCP/Window XP machine, there is a no fix IP to put there.
Please offer suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Your DHCP server should update DNS records.
Your "X-Deep-side-host" can't resolve the name of the "gdm-side-server"... Which presumably has a fixed address? Use that then in the XDMCP query. Or do as Andrew suggests and fix the linux box DHCP client so that it updates DNS... Or better yet, if it has a fixed address, see to it that it gets added to DNS statically.

The windoze side might be configured by little martians(:-),for all it matters... It is the client, right, which connects to the server.... which means that the server will not need "search" for its address (it might make an attempt to get the _name_, but that shouldn't matter). As I read your error, it is the windoze machine having all the trouble.
If it'd been a "connection refused" type of thing, one would've needed to look at the gdm settings (that it actually allows connections), but I don't think you get that far. So do try with the IP address. Still fail?

-- Glenn
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