my asus 6800 ge video card has been acting up lately.

when i play cs source and any of my other games, the fan on my video card makes weird sounds. same happens with powerpoint. however if the games/powerpoint is closed, the noise goes away.

it used to be all fine, untill a few months ago.

i have a pentium 4 3.0e ghz cpu with ht; 2x512 mb of ram ddr; maxtor sata hard drive 160 gb; asus i forgot what mother board.

i htink it could be dust trapped inside the card, but im not sure.

pls help me!!!
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have you tried looking at the fan on the video card and blowing out any of the dust that has accumulated?  that rarely works.  usually, in the case of smokers, the fan has to be replaced entirely.  otherwise - TIME TO UPGRADEM :)

if you blow out the dust, hold the fan blade still.
It is weird the noise goes away when closing the games, but it can be heating up.
What can help is an additional fan in the cabinet back
You video card fan is probably kicking in whenever you start a video-intensive application because the graphics chip is heating up.  As others stated, your case temperatures may be going up and you need to improve the air circulation.
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jungle_man10000Author Commented:
hmm well i forgot to mention that about when this started, my games LAG. basically in any game, suhc as quake 4, cs source, hl2 and all ohter graphic intense games, there is extreme lag.

i asked someone else, they told me i could use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out. any ideas?
yes, start with a good cleaning.
then check your cpu temperature in the bios, after playing a game till it is lagging.

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i agree with Callandor
it isn't weird that is goes away when games close since the heat goes down
the fan could be starting to go

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