router and networking.

How diffiult would it be to set up broadband connection using a router for 1 machine that could connect to another machine at the same time. What is required with say a dlink 504g router.
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If you are trying to share internet connection by 2 computers using only 1 dsl router, it should be pretty simple as long as you have two open ports on the router (aside from your uplink port - the one that hooks up to the phone line)

I'm a little fuzzy on your question which of the following are you trying to aske to do?

The first one or A looks like this...

Computer A|---->|Router port A     |
Computer B|---->|Router port B     |
                          |Router wan Port|----->Internet

The second or B looks like this...

Computer A| ---->|Router port A    |
                           |Router wan port|---->|Switch port A|
                                                             |Switch port B|---->|Computer B|
                                                             |Switch port C|---->|Internet|
Like YFUDCHUN says, it should be VERY easy to set up a router to multiple machines - the only limitation is the number of ports on your router. You need to know whether your ISP is providing DHCP (in which case its plug in and GO!), or PPPOE connection. if its the latter then you connect the modem to the router to the PC'S and logon to the router via your web browser by typing in the router address (usually with dlinks.. I think the default username is admin with no password - you can find this info in the router setup instructions).. THEN enter your pppoe id and password on the connection tab.. and it should grab an IP... and put your PC's online... which ISP are you using?
The 504G is wireless - so you probably want to disable that part or lock it down so other "Friendly Neighbors" dont take up your bandwidth....
You have three experts ready to answer and give advice but I think we all need to know a little more about your situation could you please reply and be more specific as to what you are trying to do?
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