Sonic Wall 2040 Pro VPN issue


I am able to connect to our office thru VPN but for some reason internet connection is lost.  As soon as I disable the vpn connection internet connection is back.  Is there anything I should check?  Please advise.

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Hmmm... I believe, this could be a configuration issue... Check at the PRO 2040 VPN Concentrator. There is an option in the VPN
Configuration, that says use this as the default route for internet, or something similar. I'll have to look it up, but right from the
top of my mind, if this option is selected at the PRO 2040, when you establish the VPN tunnel, SonicWALL routes all traffic from
your PC to the tunnel, which is why this could be happening.
Hmmm... Well, could be because of a number of reasons... Especially at times, configuration issues / or the box acting wierd itself.
Having worked for SonicWALL as a Support Engineer myself, think can help you here. But I would need you to explain the network
setup in detail as to how the whole thing is setup in office, and then where are you connecting from, and then what type of VPN is
being created, whether a SITE-to-SITE or CLIENT-to-SITE. What kind of Internet Media is being used at both ends. Which end are
you getting the problem on etc etc. What would help even further is if you could export the PREF's file as its called, which you can
find under settings, Export Button, that would help me further in resolving this, but thats completely up to you...
barokrok2003Author Commented:
I'm connecting from CLIENT-to-SITE, at home, i'm on DSL and my office is on Full T1.  I'm getting the
problem when I'm connecting to vpn from home.  Once I disable my vpn connection, internet works - thru my dsl connection.  But when re-connect vpn again, internet connection is lost although I'm still virtually connected and can access my office network resources such as servers, etc - just no internet connectivity.
When you are connect with the vpn, were you able to ping by host name? What are the dns servers you have once you are connected?
barokrok2003Author Commented:
- while connected to vpn, i'm unable to ping using hostname, but can ping ip addresses and hostnames that has hosts file entries.  
- when connected to both, i get the same dns server addresses, since both networks are using the same internet service provider.
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