Can you give a small example on Modal and Modeless dialog boxes using VB.NET forms ?

Please let me know with sample code:

1.Modal Dialog Box
2.Modeless Dialog Box

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1. MessageBox.Show( "I'm a modal box" )

2. Modal
Dim form as New Form2

3. Modeless
Dim form as New Form2

MessageBox is always modal. Form2 - is a windows form in your aplication.

good luck,

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Naveen SwamyYash Infinite Solutions Private LimitedCommented:
modal dialog boxes have parent and once opened, cannot return to parent without closing the child form

modeless are those which are loosley coupled form which could be having assigned parents

        Dim objFrm As New Form
        objFrm.ShowDialog() '******MODAL*********
        MessageBox.Show("goodknowhow", "modalbox", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation) '******MODAL*********

        objFrm.Show() '******MODELESS*********

Yes, in plain english.

If a form is opened as modeless, you can focus on other forms in you application while that on is open.
If it is opened "modal" , no other form can have focus until that form is closed. I.e the user cannot accidentily click on another part of your app and "loose" the form they were working on.

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i'm just wondering how many more people will try to explain a difference between modal and modeless... No one so far tried plain Danish and it might be of help.
Hmm, If you weren't such an expert..(checks out profile for yurich). I'd think of a "come-back".
kishore_peddiAuthor Commented:


Thanks a lot for your explanation and code examples.

Jeees, why was it B??? what was possibly not enough???
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